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Our cutting-edge tool simplifies technical analysis and reveals valuable insights, through TradingView.
Accommodate Stocks, Forex, Crypto, Futures, and Gold.

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A Trading Tool For All

Our AI-powered algorithm reveals market insights from different angles, to all traders, fitting different strategies.

Real Time Signal

Buy, Sell, and Reversal Signals derived from our state-of-the-art algorithm, revealing entry opportunities. No repaint guaranteed.


Our Indicators adjust for multiple time frames, advancing your Day-Trade, Swing-Trade, Buy-and-Hold Strategies.


We adapt to different markets, revealing insights for Stocks, Forex, Crypto, Futures, Gold, and more.

Expert Insights

Regular market insights, indicator updates, and case studies shared by our experts to help you discover favorable trades.

The All-in-one Trade Tool

We develop a suite of indicators to fit your trading styles, with clarity and simplicity.

Buy/Sell Signals

Our price action algorithm identifies favorable buy/sell signals with low lag. No repaint, any market, any timeframe.

Buy/Sell Signals

Stop Loss Options

Sensitivity Settings


Backtest Results


Price Forecast & Probability

We forecast price trends, reversal levels, and corresponding probabilities to reveal entry opportunities.

Reversal Probability

Price Probability

Risk/Reward Ratio

Volatility Adjustments


Momentum Overlay

Our advanced momentum indicator identify overbought and oversold zones, and in turn, possible trend reversals.

Indicator Options

Custom Thresholds

Trend Adjustments


OB/OS Index Dashboard

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the indicator?
Once you purchase a plan, you will receive a confirmation email within 1 business day. Please allow us some time to grant you access to our indicator.

If you encounter any issues, please email your issues to
How does the indicator work?
Our indicator is an algorithm trading indicator that performs real-time calculations on price action to identify all potential buy and sell opportunities in any market.

We highly recommend exploring our tutorial videos and documentation available on our website ( and YouTube channel.

These resources provide comprehensive analysis and explanations of the strategies that can be implemented using our indicator.
What markets can I use it with?
The TradeDots indicator is compatible with all markets available on TradingView, such as forex, crypto, stocks, futures, and commodities, across various timeframes ranging from minutes to weeks.

The information we provide is suitable for any trading style and strategy, including Smart Money Concept, Order Flow, ICT, and more.
Can I win every trade using this?
Absolutely not. The TradeDots indicator can provide traders with valuable insights into the market, enabling them to make better trading decisions. However, it is important to note that no indicator or strategy in the market can accurately predict market movements and guarantee results.

Therefore, we do not recommend traders blindly following signals from any indicator. Past performance does not guarantee future results.
Does it work on MetaTrader 4/5?
The current version of our TradeDots indicator runs exclusively on TradingView.